Tolerance Pavilion, Red Square. Moscow.

HMMD’s newest architecture vision competition is dedicated to ‘designing for tolerance’. It challenges designers from around the globe to propose a temporary pavilion for the education of social, political and religious tolerance, to be erected in Russia’s Red Square, Moscow.

The design of this pavilion has the concept of tolerance and all its interpretations as it’s driving force, in particular:

The idea of TOLERANCE as FREEDOM of expression, promotion of education and creativity and cultures


The idea of TOLERANCE as a driving force of the concept of FEELING GOOD

For this reason we created an space that encourages interaction, playfulness and curiosity in the crowds walking through the Red Square, with the use of architectural forms to promote the exploration of the pavilion.
The main components of the design were created keeping in mind the experiential side of walking through a space, and they can be divided into two parts:

Solid spaces to show tolerance in both its dark and brighter aspects

Ribbon: an architectural device encouraging movement across the different solid spaces and the square