Nuclear Repository, Blackford.

The aim of this project is to create a marker for a nuclear repository on Blackford Hill, visible enough to prevent human interference. The marker should inform about the nature of the area and last for at least 100,000 years given the high risks linked to nuclear waste.

This project aims at using the sun as a constant at a specific time of the day as a powerful marker itself.

Carving the volcanic rock on the side of Blackford Hill, the barrier that is created is desisgend ro resist extremely long time spans and wether conditions considering the nature of the brief.

The information provided to deter from further building on site are both VERBAL and GRAPHIC.

A certain degree of FREEDOM is left to visitors. There are no structures marking the focal point so in a near future visitors could decide to mark it or make it more visible.
Visitors could add a religious meaning to the site or they could ignore the it and leave it.

The purpose of the design would remain CONSTANT with the passing of time, regardless of how visitors make use of it.