Campo Santa Margherita. pt. II

WINNER of: "Best in Show Award 2015"


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Campo Santa Margherita is a popular Venetian square in the western side of the city. It is crossed by the main thoroughfare linking Santa Lucia Railway Station to the Accademia.

The aim of this project is the rekindling of local and communal activities within Campo Santa Margherita in Venice by clarifying its routes and promoting a sense of agency in pedestrians.



Circulation is the starting point and main matrix to redefine spaces. Relevant historical and visual landmarks within the square contribute in creating lines of sight and defining zones.
A series of serving and served green and timber areas utilise the space to improve the pedestrian experience and further encourage the local market. The clean lines of the structures enhance the local surroundings rather than being the sole attraction.



Detailing of areas and circulation in terms of pure materials and visual and tactile impact they can suggest. Elements that can be found across the whole city are tailored to the Campo to remark its specificity and promote a different way of reading the urban fabric.
Key areas and main bridge to the railway station are taken as case studies for a revisited use of elements and follow a manifesto challenging the current and traditional Venetian application of materials.